Vice President Mike Pence. Photo by Gage Skidmore

VP Pence’s Statement About Trump Defending Religious Freedom Backfires

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Rep. Ted Lieu hits back hard.

Former Dep. Assistant to President Trump and Fox News flunkie, Sebastian Gorka, steps in for the block.

Rep. Ted Lieu for the rebound.

The Internet is forever. History sides with Ted.

Text from Donald Trump’s campaign website calling to ban Muslims. Image by thememoryhole2
Donald Trump Announces Muslim Ban on the campaign trail – BBC News 12/8/15
Trump discussing the Muslim Ban on the campaign trial explaining his intent. – CNN 6/13/16
Rudy Giuliani Explains Muslim Ban (2:54) on Fox News

Twitter weighed in too.


Yes this is being litigated in social media again.

As the evidence shows, and even Rudy Giuliani explains in the video above, the only reason it wasn’t technically a Muslim ban is because that would be illegal. They carefully drafted the wording of the Executive Order in a way to get the intended ban through the courts. In fact it was rejected a few times and had to be even further trimmed down in order to get signed off on.

Make no mistake President Trump’s actual intent was and has always been to ban Muslims. Of that there can be no dispute.

To be honest I have no idea what Mike Pence is even trying to say because that statement flies in the face of pretty much everything we’ve seen come out of President Trump’s mouth.

But don’t take my word for it let’s see what Senator Lindsey Graham has to say.