Donald Trump, Jr. speaking with supporters at a rally. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Sens. Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan Get Blasted for Mueller Report Lies and Defense of Trump Jr.

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Bytes (Ted)

Bytes (Jim aka Gym)


Donald Trump Jr. perjured himself. He’s been subpoenaed to account for it, it’s that simple.

There are actually many GOP senators who are also tweeting the same thing today. I suspect “Cocaine Mitch” passed out the talking points/marching orders this morning.

The sad part is after all this time, they are still running with the collusion nonsense. They started saying “No Collusion” way back when, because they knew the report wouldn’t find it. Not because the Trump campaign didn’t work with Russia but because there is no crime called collusion. As such the Mueller report specifically addresses and explains the “collusion” misunderstanding right in the beginning of the report. Anyone who has actually read the report would not be saying things like “No Collusion” unless they were purposefully trying to deceive others. Trump pushed the “No Collusion” message for 2 years for just this purpose.

Finally, lets not forget that the Senate Intel Committee and senate itself is run by the majority Republican party. Let’s also not forget that the Special Counsel Investigation was issued by Republicans as well. So when you hear of this “Democrat witch hunt” by “angry Democrats” nonsense, it’s just not true. The GOP has nobody to blame but themselves.