Ben Shapiro. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Ben Shapiro Gets Triggered and Walks Off BBC Interview

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Ben Shapiro starts getting agitated by real questions from the BBC and accuses Andrew Neil of left wing bias. In the second video he hurls more accusations and ends the interview.

The story along with the full 16 minute interview can be found at


Twitter was amused.


Ben clearly stepped in it. It’s seems he’s so used to being defensive with media that doesn’t pander to him, that he doesn’t even know what a normal interview is like.

He immediately starts accusing his interviewer of having a left wing bias (Neil is known as a staunch conservative in the UK) because Ben wasn’t asked the usual softball questions. The interviewer asked legitimate questions that if Ben was prepared and actually held true to his beliefs should have had no problem answering.

In his echo chambers Ben Shapiro is considered the darling of the right. The reality is, when confronted by a professional journalist in the real world, it’s obvious how much of a lowly hack he really is.

Ben used to play the Never Trump card often, but just like everyone else in the “conservative media” circles, it seems supporting Trump has become far more profitable.