Alyssa Milano at the Major League All-Star Party Roseland Ballroom NYC. Photo by WrestlefnLI.

Pro-Choice Activists Alyssa Milano and Ed Krassenstein Jump the Shark and It Bites Them In the Ass

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Editor’s Note: Ed Krassenstein deleted the Tweet during the writing of this story.

Bytes (Milano)

Bytes (Ed)


There are 150k different views on abortion, and I tend to try and leave my own personal views on that subject off the table whenever possible. But there are a few things that are just wrong on many fronts here.

For one, abstinence is something the Pro-Life movement has been preaching for decades. A lot of Pro-Life people actually agree with Alyssa Milano‘s “Sex Strike”, which has her and apparently by extension Ed
flustered, because it screws up the political talking point narrative they are trying to make.

Secondly and most obvious, criticising a “Sex Strike” has absolutely nothing to do with rape. Making that sort of comparison takes a level of mental gymnastics that would give Stephen Hawking a headache.

I generally like Ed and I follow him on Twitter because he does a good job at vetting a lot of what Donald Trump says. However when you become “social media famous” and have huge follower base, you need to be a little more careful with your insane analogies or they will come back to bite you in the ass.