Senator Tom Cotton. Photo by Michael Vadon.

Sen. Tom Cotton Uses Soldiers’ Sacrifice to Justify Painful Tariffs

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People like Senator Tom Cotton are living proof that political parties care more about team then country. More often they seem to be creating their own reality to continually justify defending the indefensible.

Trade wars are stupid because Tariffs are a tax on consumers. China will not sacrifice much if anything. They may end up not selling us as many TV’s or products that we actually want to buy, but they will just sell them to other countries who also crave cheaper luxury goods. As a result our agricultural exports to China like soybeans and corn will be devastated and the prices of Chinese goods will go up for American consumers.

Despite what Trump says repeatedly, China (like Mexico) will not pay a dime. But the trade war (unlike the wall) is real and has lasting detrimental impacts. Also, remember that China has been buying up our debt and has the ability to do even more harm if Trump keeps pushing, which he’s been hinting at doing.

The reason why we are and have been for “free trade” for the better part of 100 years, instead of Tariffs or “fair trade” is because we are a free market society that believes when the consumer makes all the choices we have the most freedom and prosperity. Chinese products are providing middle and poorer class people luxuries they otherwise could not afford, like cheap computers, TV’s, cell phones, clothing, and food. Trade wars hurt them the most.

The Dow Jones weighed in…