Senator Cory Booker. Photo by JD Lasica

Sen. Cory Booker and David Hogg Think Toys are More Regulated Than Guns

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Bonus random crazy.


If you have ever purchased a firearm in the United States then you have seen this before. If not, here are 3 of the 6 pages of the ATF Form 4473 background check (NICS) that is required for you to fill out to purchase a firearm. The last 3 pages (not shown) explain each section and the penalties and laws surrounding them.

ATF Form 4473 Page 1
ATF Form 4473 Page 2
ATF Form 4473 Page 3


It never fails and this kind of crap is mirrored with almost every other candidate running for president and most all people pushing for gun control.

Everytime something happens with a crazy mass shooter or whatever the same talking heads and politicians always complain that we can’t seem to have a conversation about guns. THIS IS WHY. Because the first thing gun control advocates almost always do is spout some nonsense that simply isn’t true.

I’ve had hundreds possibly thousands of conversations with people about gun control issues. Almost all of them start the same way. Some crazy comment that isn’t true followed by someone being educated on the facts only to refute those facts with crazy talking points like what Cory Booker or David Hogg has posted and continues to push.

If you are serious about solving the problem of people shooting up schools and people generally going postal, you would be best served to educate yourself with some facts first.

Unfortunately, for the uneducated, it gets harder everyday to weed through the amount of lies that people have been spreading and to separate the wheat from the chaff. But if you are honest about your position and open to learning some things than you’ll probably find that the people you talk to are willing to listen.