U.S. Congressman Justin Amash. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Rep. Justin Amash Posted a Twitter Thread That Everyone Should Read

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Many on Twitter are grateful to read a refreshingly honest stance from a Republican Congressmen.


In recent days there has only been a handful of decent, real conservatives left in the Republican party and of those few people most all have eventually caved into the pressures of Trumpism. It’s nice to see that Justin Amash, at least on Twitter, understands the reality of what’s really going on away from the chaos and noise of the Trump echo chambers.

It’s nice to read but I remain skeptical. People like Senators Ben Sasse, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, at one point were also principled conservatives, but just as I witnessed them making public statements about honesty and integrity, their votes often told a different story. They are now firmly in the Trump camp defending the indefensible. Like many others before them it’s far easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk.