Congressman Justin Amash speaking at the 2014 International Students for Liberty Conference. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Rep. Justin Amash Explains the Mueller Report via Twitter Part Deux

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Saturday, Republican Congressman Justin Amash made headlines by sending out a series of tweets discussing his finding in the Mueller Report and citing that there were impeachable offences.

Today he’s followed up with an equally important thread, going into specific details defending his position.




As I type this story, the President is giving an impromptu press conference before boarding a helicopter en route to a campaign rally tonight. Once again he explained the details of the investigation, about it taking 2 years and the same old tired “18 Angry Democrats” lie and other silly talking points, ending with “all of that and there was no collusion”.

It’s amazing to me that the President of the United States has not yet read the single most important document of his life. One that very well might bring down his reign. It details everything he knows to be true.

If he actually read the report, it would be insane to continually lie about what it says in front of everyone else, who’s actually read it. Yet here we are. It’s an amazing display of a hyper inflated ego, and willful ignorance, never before seen on this level from a world leader.

Once again my hats off to Justin Amash for standing up for the truth and putting our country and the constitution before political party. Something you almost never see in DC anymore.