Rep. Eric Swalwell. Photo by JD Lasica.

Rep. Swalwell Gets Ratioed Calling for Gun Buybacks

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How does this work exactly? Buy the guns from the law abiding citizens and that makes us safer how? You think a criminal is going to sell you his gun?

I understand that people want solutions to crazy people shooting up crowds and schools. We all do! But that’s only going to happen when you start focusing on the why and not the how.

It’s already been proven many times over in other places with gun bans that the violence rates don’t get any lower, just the rates of incidents with a gun.

If violence is the problem why does the tool mater? Is it better to be hacked up with a chainsaw or have your head caved in with a hammer than shot by a gun?

Last I looked dead was still dead and crazy is still crazy.