Glenn Beck. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Glenn Beck Tries to Have His Trump and Eat Him Too

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As a follow up


Glenn’s confused fence sitting managed to trigger both the “#NeverTrump” and “#MAGA” crowds simultaneously.

Never Trumpers


Backing away slowly from that set of tweets but felt it was important for people to see the mindset going on with some of the “Russia is a Hoax” crowd.

But wait there’s more…

Uh… Alex Jones called, wants his talking points back.


Trying to play both sides of the board doesn’t work well in politics. It’s best to just try to be yourself and honestly stand on your own principles. However in the political game, honest industry often doesn’t bring in the kind of profits that populaism does.

Glenn Beck started out calling truth to power, he railed against President George W. Bush when he thought Bush did wrong. He railed after President Obama when he thought Obama did wrong too. Not long after Trump was elected President he found out that principles weren’t really paying the bills anymore and Jumped on board the “MAGA Grifter Express”.

Beck, like Ben Shapiro, likes to throw some occasional shade in Trump’s direction keeping one foot on the station platform, knowing that at some point the train will derail, in hopes of finding their way back home.

After all what does a Nationally known right wing commentator due when the majority of his fan base flips the script?