The Trump Baby blimp rises over London’s Parliament Square. Photo by Michael Reeve.

Trump Calls Protests During UK Visit “Fake News”

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During President Trump’s visit to the UK this week he took a meeting with Theresa May followed by a short Press conference. A reporter asked him about his previous remarks regarding Jeremy Corbyn and about the negative protests.



This type of propaganda and dismissiveness of the truth used to work in the early 1900’s. To even try and lie with a straight face on National TV when the entire world can see the truth for themselves in an instant using the computer in their pockets is insane.

I literally saw the truth in real time while he was telling the lie before he even finished it. This story was started before the press conference was over. The clip of his lie was published to Twitter before he finished speaking. The tweets with proof followed seconds later. Cable News had it up in less than 5 minutes. Yet he persists… to his sycophants fainting cheers.

His days are numbered and let’s hope enough people wake up before these two end up occupying the White House.