Bigfoot. Frame 352 of the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film. By by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin 8/20/67.

FBI Labels Bigfoot Member of the Deer Family

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Wednesday the FBI Records Vault released a twenty-two-page file publicly via their official Twitter account.

According to the documents a letter was sent in August 1976 to the FBI by Peter Byrne who at the time was the Director of The Bigfoot Information Center and Exhibition based in Oregon.

In his August letter Byrne asked the FBI to “set the record straight once and for all,” and provide information as to when, if, and what the results were of analysis of hair that was alleged to belong to Bigfoot.

He concludes his letter by writing in part, “Please understand that our research here is serious.”

Jay Cochran Jr., the Assistant Director of the FBI Laboratory Division responded noting that no records of hair samples with connection to the Bigfoot phenomenon had been found.

In another letter sent in November 1976 Byrne requests an FBI analysis on fifteen hair samples and skin tissue, they were unable to identify.

In spring of 1977 Cochran explained that the FBI conclude after analysis that the hair in question was “of deer family origin.”