Rep. Jim "Gym" Jordan. Parody by Lenny Ghoul.

Rep. “Gym” Jordan Gets Pinned for Crying About No Basis for Impeachment

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The public is waking up and I suspect it won’t be long before a majority of the country is on board with impeachment. It’s imperative that they and congress start looking at the actual evidence starting with the Mueller Report. <- you can read it here.

Even beyond the report, President Trump abuses his power and authority daily. He continues to violate emoluments and nepotism laws wasting tax player funds making himself rich. He ordering staffers to ignore congressional subpoenas. He’s making an absolute mess of our immigration system, trying to force merit and competency tests for asylum, and putting detained children in cages separate from their parents.

Now he’s focused on ruining foreign relations and our economy with his crazy tariffs on China, Canada, and Mexico; which are so bad he’s being forced to bail out large sections of industry and agriculture with Tax money we don’t even have. The Republican Senate is even opposed to what he’s doing in Mexico.

President Trump is without question one of the most lawless presidents in modern history. He IS a walking constitutional violation and a National Emergency. The founding fathers specifically set up our system of government to protect against people exactly like Trump, ceasing too much power and declaring himself a defacto king. Congress has to hold him accountable because nobody else can. They ARE the check and balance on the executive branch of government and refusing to stop him is rendering our constitution pointless.