Congressman Rob Woodall. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Rep. Rob Woodall Say He Has Not Read the Mueller Report

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Hearing Rep. Rob Woodall say he didn’t read the report doesn’t even surprise me all that much anymore. I hear this everyday from Trump supporters. I’ve even run a few Twitter polls on it, and in fact they have all been some of my lowest turnout polls. It seems that people are too embarrassed to answer, even anonymously, if they have read the report or even parts of it, but have no problem commenting on it like it’s the 11th Commandment.

Look, I don’t expect the average citizen to sift through 448 pages of a rather verbose summary of a criminal investigation. But at least reading some highlights to inform yourself of the truth would be a great start. Hell even if you read the first few pages that would be enough to know something hinky was going on and you might continue from that point. That is of course if you actually want to know the truth.

(Editor’s note: Even though I posted the link 3 times in the above paragraph if you’d like to read the full report it’s is available by clicking this link or a searchable version at

Of course if you didn’t read the report, than I guess you have an easy out when the whole thing blows. You get to admit that you aren’t complicit in the cover up, out of ignorance…or is it negligence? I suspect that’s what this is really about.

What I do expect, is that the people getting payed $174,000 a year to represent our country, who are constitutionally bound to hold the president accountable for corruption and lawlessness, to read the flipping report that took over two years to compile that illustrates that very thing. Passing legislation on behalf of the citizens in his district and congressional oversight are his jobs. Dealing with a criminal president is a little higher of a priority than bringing home the bacon. One is of National interest, the other is simply you trying to justify your job to the people who vote for you.

However, going on TV to try and defend the president, without even reading the documents that spell out the accusations against him, is NOT the congressman’s job, but he seems to be able to find plenty of time for that…

If you think it’s shocking that he didn’t read the report I’d like to remind you of someone else who also didn’t read it, while actually chairing the committee charged with overseeing the damn thing.