Vice President Joe Biden. Photo by Marc Nozell

Twitter Fact Checks Biden’s Claim of “No Lies or Scandals” During the Obama Administration

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Author and syndicated columnist, David Harsanyi thoughtfully tweeted a thread refuting Joe Biden’s claim.

Some others weighed in as well.


Uh wow! Really Joe? Not one? Not even Obamacare being labeled lie of the year by Politifact?

This is why many people like myself hate both political parties. The Republicans and Democrats both refuse to hold their leadership accountable for any single thing they might have done wrong, regardless what it is. They often vigorously fight against that very notion with every last breath.

Unfortunately that’s sort of expected these days, but it’s the doubling down on the lies that’s outrageous to me. To sit there looking at cameras and tell the world that there was not a single scandal or lie in his administration knowing full well the laundry list of crap they “got away with” is EXACTLY the same shit we are dealing with right now with President Trump.

This is why I often refer to the Trump administration as Obama 2.0. It’s not necessarily because of their policy ideas, although some are remarkably similar that were considered bad under Obama but now good under Trump or vice versa, but in fact the sheer arrogance and refusal to accept or take responsibility for the truth.

The absolute narcissism on absurd levels and total echo-chamber like existence of both presidencies is stunningly similar. Of course most of the people who are fans of either the Trump Administration or the Obama Administration (and some both) refuse to acknowledge these things entirely. They bring their silly talking points and often finger the other side as the true culprit while ignoring their own sides inequities and faults.

We are now a system of government run by fanboi populism and it’s going to be the death of this country.