Roy Moore Food Court. Parody by Lenny Ghoul.

Roy Moore Announces 2020 AL Senate Bid and Even Republicans Are Triggered

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If you were in a coma the last few years you may not know who Roy Moore is. He ran as a Republican candidate for the senate seat in Alabama when Jeff Sessions vacated it to become President Trump’s Attorney General in 2017.

During the campaign, Moore was accused of inappropriate behavior with minors, including trying to date high school girls, one as young as 14, and stalking teenage girls at shopping malls when he was in his 30’s. There were also a few more serious allegations including sexual misconduct and child molestation. In total 9 women came forward with allegations against Moore

Despite the allegations and his history of being a general creep, he narrowly lost the election by 20k votes or about 2% (50%-48.3%) to the Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

At the time Republicans and even a few social media sites like Breitbart and The Right Scoop, were defending Moore, claiming it was all just a Democratic smear campaign designed to sully his “good name”. Privately they were encouraging him to drop out fearing the damage the allegations against him could cause to the party if he won.


Jake Tapper weighed in.

Moore mentioned supporting Trump, and it caused a surprising reaction.


You know why he’s running again? Because all of those chicken shit Republicans who didn’t really want him to run last time, defended him anyway. They were more afraid of losing a senate seat to the Democratic party than the repercussions of sending a disgraced pedofile to Captiol Hill.

If they were just honest and denounced him the first time, they wouldn’t be in this awkward situation of running away from their previously stated positions to try and save whatever face or credibility they have left.

This is what happens when you put party over country.

Here’s a flashback from last time he ran.