President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin. Photo by

Trump and Scalice Admit to Russian Interference to Own the Libs

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President Donald Trump recently retweeted this on Twitter. It should be known he only retweets things he agrees with.


That’s an interesting reversal of the Trump Administration stance that it was all a witch hunt, it was fake news, and Russia didn’t hack the elections.

President Trump famously said just last year he talked with Vladimir Putin and believed him that he didn’t hack our elections.

More recently he met with Putin at the G20 summit and during a press conference, an interviewer asked if President Trump would talk with Putin about Russia’s meddling in the elections. Trump scoffed and sarcastically told Putin not to interfere with our elections.


I mean WTF really? 2.5 years of “it didn’t happen”, “witch hunt”, constantly kissing Vladimir Putin’s ass, saying Russia had nothing to do with it, and throwing our entire intel community under the bus; but NOW you admit it to try and throw some election shade at Joe Biden?

Let me see if I have this straight? Donald Trump was complicit in rigging the elections with Russian interference, which quite possibly helped him win, violating countless laws and regulations, but the real bad guy here is the back up to the President who tried to warn congress and was told to suppress it, by the Republican Senate Majority Leader?

I can’t even at this point.