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Trump Ironically Claims Joe Biden Added More to the National Debt “Than All Other Presidents Combined”

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About that Debt…

The only time we were ever debt free was in 1835 when Andrew Jackson paid it off.

Aside from that fluke, the entire National Debt from FY 1789 – FY 1913 was 2.9 Billion.

  • Woodrow Wilson added 21 Billion
  • Warren G. Harding subtracted 2 Billion
  • Calvin Coolidge subtracted 5 Billion
  • Herbert Hoover added 6 Billion
  • FDR added 236 Billion
  • Harry Truman added 7 Billion
  • Dwight Eisenhower 23 Billion
  • JFK added 23 Billion
  • LBJ added 42 Billion
  • Richard Nixon added 121 Billion
  • Gerald Ford added 224 Billion
  • Jimmy Carter added 299 Billion
  • Ronald Reagan added 1.86 Trillion
  • George H.W. added Bush 1.55 Trillion
  • Bill Clinton added 1.4 Trillion
  • George W. Bush added 5.85 Trillion
  • Barack Obama added 8.59 Trillion
  • Donald Trump has added 3. 81 Trillion so far and is on pace to spend $5 Trillion in his first term. (barring no major spending increase)

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One of Trump’s campaign promises was to eliminate the National Debt.

At the time of this story the National Debt is $22,436,752,941,854 or $68,145 per citizen. Remember that number next time a Presidential Candidate starts promising “free” things.