Donald Trump speaking with supporters at a campaign rally. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Trump Say U.S. Will No Longer Work With U.K. Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch

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President Trump took to Twitter on Monday and announced that the U.S. would no longer deal with British Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch.

The tweets follow after the Daily shared what they called “secret cables,” between Darroch and Downing Street, where in Darroch explains that President Trump “radiates insecurity.”

The memos as seen by the online publication are said to contain information that impugn’s Trump’s character calling the U.S. President, “inept,” adding that the White House was “uniquely dysfunctional.”

According to the report one of the more “incendiary” pieces reviewed by the organization was a letter sent to National Security Adviser Sir Mark Sedwill, in June of 2017, that stated reports from the media, that President Trump dismissed as fake news, regarding chaos within the President Trump Administration were “mostly true.”

The letter was labeled “strictly limited,” and only seen by small number of senior figures in Downing Street.

Asked about the cables on the Foreign Office said Ambassadors are expected to provide Ministers with their unvarnished assessment of other countries administrations.

A spokesman added, “Their views are not necessarily the views of Ministers or indeed the Government. But we pay them to be candid, just as the US Ambassador here will send back his reading of Westminster politics and personalities.”

The Daily Mail notes in several places that these cables were leaked to the outlet, they do not reveal the source of those leaks.

BBC News reported that Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Tom Tugendhat, told MPs that he sent a letter requesting that the Met Police open a criminal investigation into the leak.

As they note, this follows the government already launching an internal inquiry into the source of the leaks.