Trump Math. Parody by Lenny Ghoul.

Trump Lies About His Poll Numbers… Again

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Almost 1 year ago, Trump tweeted this amazing lie that was totally proven false.

In an amazing Groundhogs Day like performance, he did it again today.


I don’t even know what the source of his numbers are but even if he is at 94% among Republicans (doubtful) it’s still not the all time high.

According to Politifact, who fact checked the first tweet of the tweets last year, the all time highest poll numbers in the Republican Party goes to George W. Bush.

They compared George W. Bush’s Republican approval rating to Donald Trumps on the same date he tweeted, July 29th, and George W. Bush was at 96% compared to Trump’s first tweet, which for the record was only 85%. Notice that GWB’s 96% is also higher than the number Trump just claimed today.

If that wasn’t enough, George W. Bush’s all time highest Republican approval rating was actually 99%.

Finally George W. Bush holds the record for the highest Presidential approval rating of all time; not just for the party but for the entire country. On September 21st, 2001, 10 days after 9/11, George W. Bush had a jaw dropping nationwide approval rating of 90% according to Gallup.

Over the entire term of his Office Donald Trump hasn’t moved the needle much at all nation wide. His highest approval rating ever has been from Rasmussen, who gave him a 53% which was very much an outlier as all other pollsters in that time period had him at 43-46%. Rasmussen is also noted for traditionally weighing heavier on Republican respondents than all other polls.

Bring on the Tweets!

Actually I have Gallup at 26% but close enough. To be fair only 27% identify as Democrats. Independents, however, still dominate both of them coming in at 46%.

Very Close! President Trump’s highest Ever Gallup poll was 46%. Contrast that with his lowest which was 35%. His average is the 2nd lowest term average for any President in history coming in at a dismal 40% over the life of his term.

Even Richard Nixon managed to squeak in at 48%. Fortunately for Trump he still has a ways to go to beat Jimmy Carter who’s term average was only 29%, but there’s still plenty of time.

To be fair, I probably couldn’t even pull that off. But I’m also not the oldest surviving member who’s showering the rest of my family with hordes of cash and fake power, to make them kiss my ass everyday either so…


For the record we haven’t yet located the source of Trump’s latest claim of 94% Republican wide.

The highest “most recent” Republican only approval rating for Donald Trump that Snip Bytes could find was Gallup giving him 90% on June 30th of this year (about 2 weeks ago).

All of that aside and numbers being what they are, the real take away from today is that both parties are doing a really shitty job. Independent voters are dominating in bigger numbers than ever before. It looks like people are finally waking up to the idea that the parties only care about consolidating power for themselves and using your hard earned money (Taxes) to secure it.