President Trump Campaign Rally. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

Trump Campaign Lies About Rally Size…Forgets That Google Is Free

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President Donald Trump held a KKK Campaign rally tonight in Greenville, North Carolina. True to form his campaign manager tweeted lies about the attendance size.

Wow 20,000 people! That’s amazing! Hey, wait a minute…



That can’t be safe!

Yup I Googled it too. It only holds 8,000 people.


Every single rally. Every single event. Every single time. Ever since his very first rally, I have fact checked the attendance numbers he reported with the capacity and the images of said event. They have never once, been even remotely close. I think he is using some sort of funky MAGA Math, the same kind he uses to calculate unemployment numbers, the economy, his height, his weight, and probably even his glove size…

The rallies are getting totally insane too. Like little Trump bots lined up fanatically screaming and chanting racist and fascist crap in unison. You’d think we lived in 1930’s Germany or something.