Devin Nunes with some cows. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

GOP Asked Mostly Fox News’ Questions in Mueller Congressional Hearing

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Ex FBI director and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, testified in front of the House Judiciary and the House Intelligence committees of Congress yesterday, about the findings in his Russian Investigation into the 2016 Elections.

Democrats and Republicans took turns asking questions of Mueller in 5 minute, alternating sessions.

The Democrats pretty much asked most of their questions verifying quotes or asking about things directly found in the report.

The Republicans, however, decided to dive-deep into another world of conspiracy theories and asked things that Mueller already explained in the beginning of the hearing, that he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer, largely for legal reasons. Their questions also sounded a little bit familiar.

The Daily Show offered up a small example of Devin Mooones’ Nunes’ repeating Sean Hannity’s questions… verbatim.

But wait, there’s more!

Media Matters did some digging and it seems that a large portion of the GOP’s questions came from Sean Hannity and other Fox News hosts and pundits.

Republicans sounded like Fox News – mediamatters4america – 7/24/19

They aren’t the only ones who noticed either.



As a side note, Twitter has recently made dramatic changes in how it works, so if some things seem a little off recently, much of it has to do with us trying to adjust to the new changes.

It’s not surprising to hear a few questions that media types may have come up with in preparation for the hearings. I pretty much expected that. Some similarities could even be just random luck given the topic at hand. The real tell is when they dig deep and ask some of the crazy conspiratorial questions about things that aren’t even in the report or have nothing to do with it at all.

I even expected them to ask a few of the obvious overblown crazy talking point questions too. However, Representatives Jordan, Nunes, Gohmert, Gaetz, and Steube, were so bad and lazy that they didn’t even try to hide it or reframe half the questions to sound like their own. Many were exactly the same questions that Sean Hannity asked on his TV show the night before.

It’s worth noting most of Hannity’s questions were easy to notice because again, they had nothing to do with the actual report, but rather the various conspiracy theories he’s cooked up; such as Robert Mueller and James Comey being “deep state” operatives working to undermine the government; the “Steele Dossier“; Hillary Clinton’s emails; QAnon; maybe even some pizzagate or Seth Rich for good measure.