Devin Nunes, QAnon corn. Parody by Lenny Ghoul.

Devin Nunes Sends Bizarre Tweet That Excites QAnon Conspiracy Theorists en Masse

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For the record I have absolutely no idea what the hell this means but found it fascinating enough to share.

A little backstory before we continue. QAnon is a 4chan Alt-right conspiracy theory/group/entity which is about exposing a “deep state“, “Neocon“, military industrial complex, insider government conspiracy, (and something to do with President Obama) plot to take down Donald Trump.

The deeper you look into the group the crazier and more elaborate it gets. QAnon seems to be a catch all for encompassing conspiracy theories far and wide like Pizzagate, Hillary’s Emails, Seth Rich, “anti-conservative social media” pretty much anything that attacks the left-wing of United States politics and props up Donald Trump.

Some of the Fox News hosts have fallen into the QAnon conspiracy trap; most notably Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. Many Republican politicians aren’t immune from feeding the QAnon beast either.

Apparently, it seems they have championed Congressman Devin Nunes as one of their saviors?



Wow…if you thought this was crazy there are hundreds more like it on that thread. There is a whole new level of WTF going on in the world today and unfortunately it has infested our government officials because many of them buy into whatever the hell this is as well.

I invite you all to look into the whole QAnon thing for yourself, for entertainment purposes. Just make sure to keep an arm’s-length because all big conspiracy theories exist for a reason. They inadvertently suck people in who tug a little too hard on a thread of coincidence and start unraveling odd questions you’ll never find the answers to…which only fuels the conspiracy.