Nikki Haley. Photo by Governor's Office of South Carolina

Nikki Haley Brutally Scolds Inappropriate Trump Tweet With an Emoji (updated)

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Congressman Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore home was burglarized Saturday morning.

President Donald Trump decided to be an asshole and make a sarcastic tweet about the incident.

Apparently this set off Ambassador Nikki Haley, so much that she couldn’t hold back anymore! In a courageous and unprecedented act of valantry and heroism she sent President Trump a stern mean tweet scolding his remarks!



Republican Pundit Amanda Carpenter came rushing to her aid!

That didn’t turn out too well.


Well I gotta tell you, sticking your neck apparently means something entirely different in 2019. Mean tweets to a guy who doesn’t even read them seems like the opposite of sticking your neck out to me. That seems like, as little effort as humanly possible.

She was in his cabinet. She has a direct line of communication to him. How about, I don’t know, a phone call?

Considering her previous white knighting for Trump’s racism this seems about as shallow a gesture as one can get.


The shit show continues…

Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway has decided to call out Nikki Haley for mildly veering off the reservation to “rebuke” Trump’s stupidity.

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