President Donald J. Trump at CPAC 2017. Photo by Michael Vadon.

Trump Calls for Gun Control in Wake of Double Mass Shooting Over the Weekend

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Unless you live in a cave, you probably know about the two mass shootings that occured this weekend.

The first shooting was in Texas where a Right-Wing Nationalist killed 20 people in a Walmart in El Paso.

The second shooting was in Ohio where a Left-Wing Extremist, killed his sister and then opened fire on a busy street in the entertainment district of Dayton, killing 8 others and wounding 27.

As the New Blender reported, Trump tweeted in response to the tragedy pushing for stronger background checks.

He then gave a public address where he outlined his gun control proposals, which include Red Flag laws, Social Media monitoring, Mental Health Reform which includes, Rapid Due Process confiscation and involuntary confinement. He also mentioned the bump stock ban he put into place and the strengthened background check (Fix NICS Act) he signed into law last year.

The following video is cued up to the aforementioned proposals.

President Trump Addresses Mass Shootings in Dayton and El Paso – PBS NewsHour 8/5/19


I had a really hard time finding anyone on either side discussing much of Trump’s gun control legislation ideas specifically, but a there were few side bits of love and hatred about the broader speech in general.

There were some haters…

Some sycophants…

And even a few nut cases chimed in.


Well it’s not all that surprising to me that not too many people focused on his actual gun control policy statements because most people have locked into their side’s narratives and are holding on for dear life.

The pro-gun control crowd should be celebrating right now. The president is pushing for even more gun control than he did last year which was already more than any president since Bill Clinton signed the AWB into law in 1994.

The pro-Trump crowd should be losing their minds right now, because they profess to be largely pro 2nd amendment, and these ideas would definitely be considered serious infringement on that, and the 4th, 5th, 10th, and probably even a hand full of others, that I’m currently overlooking.

But, the reality is that sides are more important than principles. Winning at all costs is now more important than getting what you actually wanted. It’s like nobody wants the legislation they have always desired if it comes from the policican they hate. That’s how totally insane and divisive the country is today.

To be honest, I personally do not desire any gun control at all, and I really can’t stand Trump so this is a double downer for me.

Standing back from my own beliefs and observing all of this from an objectively neutral perspective is really a mind trip. He gives one side everything they want and they hate him for it; and he gives the other side everything they hate and they love him for it!