Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Mayor Pete Gets Blasted Calling for Gun Control for Unexpected Reasons

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Wait…what’s this now?

I did NOT see that coming!


There were more traditional criticisms as well.

Correct. Unlike the M-16 or M4 Carbine, the AR-15 is a Semi Automatic. I discussed what that means in detail in a previous story.

Ehhh. That’s not exactly true either, but for all intents and purposes it might as well be.


If you are rich, live in the right state, have an impeccable record, and a very lenient sheriff you probably can own a gun like Mayor Pete claims to have used in Afghanistan; but it takes a lot of paperwork and most people can’t even afford one if they could qualify to own one. A Military grade M4 Carbine or M-16 will set you back about $30,000 – $40,000.

There is no record of any mass shooting in history involving an M-16 or an M-4 Carbine. While they look like an AR-15 they are completely different rifles.

Now as far as the people attacking Pete Buttigieg for serving his country in Afghanistan. I don’t know what to say man. You don’t want a military? Nobody wants war but you know come on. Are we supposed to throw rocks at the enemy or what?

Anyway crap like this is asinine, and if the Democratic party can’t figure out a way to unify and get over the silly stuff, they most assuredly will lose in 2020. If Trump gets elected the game is over folks.