Chemtrail Kelli. Parody by Lenny Ghoul.

Chemtrail Kelli Calls to “Keep Arizona Red” and Win Big in 2020… Except That It Isn’t

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Here is a little backstory to help clarify the previous Tweets.

Dr. (Chemtrail) Kelli Ward, ran against Martha McSally in the Arizona Republican Primary for outgoing Senator Jeff Flake‘s seat when he retired. McSally won the primary in a landslide, beating both Ward and the very controversial Ex-Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio by 52% of the vote.

However, in the general election McSally ran against very liberal and openly gay, Kyrsten Sinema, who defeated McSally by 50% to 47%, (3% were write in candidates).

Even though McSally lost the general election Governor Doug Ducey awarded her the seat which was vacated by Senator John McCain’s recent passing. Jon Kyl had temporarily held the seat during the election.

Technically, Arizona turned blue, or at least purple, during the 2018 midterm elections, and it doesn’t show much sign of turning back anytime soon.

There were other observations as well.

I can kinda see that


In keeping with tradition since the 2016 elections, it seems lying and willful ignorance is the new campaign slogan for the Republican party in 2020.

Who cares about facts anymore anyway right? It seems to just be easier for them to make those up as they move forward.

I’m sure if Kelli keeps trying 5 or 6 more times to run for something, she might actually luck into it! Or maybe she’s waiting for somebody else to die off so Ducey can hand it to her on a silver platter.