"Ivy Mike" atmospheric nuclear test - November 1952. Photo via CTBTO

Twitter Nukes The Trump Administration Like a Hurricane

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This weekend Axios reported that President Trump has many times suggested that we should strongly look into using nuclear weapons to stop hurricanes.

Naturally Trump denied the remarks, but that hasn’t stopped people from having fun about it on Twitter.


Movie Producer/Director Jeremy Newberger posted this huge thread satirizing famous Trump supporters reactions to Trump’s comments.

That was pretty epic.

There were a few Jabs at Hillary for whatever reason, but they were still pretty funny.

That was my first reaction too! Scorps FTW.


It never fails. Last week was totally absurd with Trump trying to buy Greenland and calling himself the King of Israel and the chosen one, and yet here we are, on Monday and we’re already talking about nuking Hurricanes!

It’s incredibly terrifying to have a President of the United States and leader of the free world, so totally batshit crazy that Charles freaking Manson seems sane in comparison, but at least it’s somewhat entertaining.