Tomi Lahren speaking with supporters of former State Senator Kelli Ward at a campaign rally. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Tomi Lahren’s “Freedom” Patriot Yoga Pants Are Mocked Mercilessly

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Fox News personality and avid Trump Supporter, Tomi Lahren, recently released a new clothing line of what she calls “athleisure” wear, which includes patriotic themed yoga pants with a built in gun pocket.

In the promotional video below she says that “there are a lot of girls who don’t have a brand that represents their freedom, their rights” and implies that the evil liberals have taken over the fashion industry. She also says her product line was designed for people who feel proud to be an American.

Oh yea did I mention this “Freedom” line was made in… well I’ll give you one guess.



I guess she didn’t get President Trump’s memo ordering all American companies to stop making goods in China. I suspect some companies are going to be exempted from that like Ivanka’s clothing and shoe lines, or Trump ties, all of which have been made in China for years.

Let’s not forget the hypocrisy of the Trump regime doesn’t end with products. Mr. America first also still employs illegal immigrants in some of his business today, while trying to furiously deport those working hard in other companies.

Grifters who fly the flag of patriotism only to profit off of it are the worst kind.