Donald Trump Chart Parody. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

Trump Lies About Stock Market Gains Since Becoming President Again

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On June 11th 2018, Donald Trump tweeted a claim that the stock market was up almost 40% since his election. On that day the Dow Jones Industrial average closed at 25,316.53.

November 9th 2016, (the day after the election) the Dow Jones industrial average closed at 18,589.69.

Trump’s claim of 40% was false. It was actually a 27% increase.

This morning, September 2nd 2019, President Trump made an even more fantastic claim that the market is up over 50% since his election.

Friday August 30th, (the last day of trading) the Dow Jones Industrial average Closed at 26,403.28.

Trump’s claim is again false as the Market has gained 30% since the day of his election; a far cry from the over 50% he’s claimed.


You ain’t kidding!