Boris Johnson. Prime minister of the United Kingdom. Photo by EU2017EE Estonian Presidency.

UK Prime Minister Has a Bad Week In Office

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Boris Johnson, the newly minted Prime Minister of the UK Parliament has suffered several defeats this week as Parliament returns from summer recess.

It all started when the Prime Minister requested the Queen suspended Parliament. As BBC News explained at the time, the Queen approved the request leaving lawmakers little time before a no-deal Brexit could take place.

Johnson, who replaced former Prime Minister Theresa May, who resigned after failing to pass a Brexit plan, has vowed that deal or no deal, Britain will exit the European Union by October 31st.

The New York Times reported that British lawmakers voted 328 to 301 to “take control of Parliament away from the government and vote on legislation as soon as Wednesday that would block the prime minister from making good on his threat of a no-deal Brexit.”

The defeat of Johnson’s plan to exit the European Union continued when British lawmakers in the House of Commons passed legislation “seeking to avert a no-deal Brexit,” the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

The opposition party was joined by 21 rebel members of Johnson’s own Conservative Party, approving legislation that would delay Brexit until January 2020.

Johnson’s next defeat came just an hour after the second one. When the House of Commons voted against Johnson’s call for a snap election to be held on October 14th, the vote fell short of the two-thirds needed to pass. The bill is expected to pass the House of Lords on Friday.

Following his defeats ABC News reported that following their support of the opposition the 21 rebel Tories were expelled, including the grandson of Winston Churchill, Sir Nicholas Soames and Kenneth Clark, the longest-continuously-serving member of the House of Commons.

Those expelled cannot seek re-election unless the party invites the members back, but Soames said, he had decided weeks early not to seek re-election.

On Thursday Johnson suffered another blow, this time a more personal one, as his younger bother Jo Johnson, resigned as MP via Twitter.