Mayor Pete Buttigieg fast food. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

Mayor Pete Say’s Using Straws & Eating Hamburgers is Part of the Problem

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Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg went on CNN with Alisyn Camerota Thursday morning, to discuss his performance during their 7 hour town hall event addressing Climate Change.

In the Interview he was discussing the apparent “guilt” that some people have who feel like they might be responsible for what they perceive is a global threat. What I found particularly shocking was this line at 0:53 in the video below.

“I think we’re thinking about it mostly through the perspective of… of guilt. You know, from using a straw, to eating a burger; ‘Am I part of the problem?’

In a certain way yes. But the most exciting thing is that we can all be part of the solution.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg – CNN New Day with Alisyn Camerota – 9/5/19
GOP War Room – 9/5/19



Uh oh…

Hahahahahahaha! Nice one!

No comment.

I can’t argue with that.


I just had two hamburgers for dinner. I didn’t eat the straws though. I hear they are bad for digestion.

Hey now. Pork chops aren’t hamburgers!

OK. I quit!

Like with cages n’ stuff?

Five Guys is overrated. That’s right I said it!


As I have mentioned previously, I can totally understand why the DNC was very adamant about not doing a Climate Change debate.

I’m pretty sure CNN thought they were doing these Democratic candidates a favor. In fact they just created a ton of video clips and fuel to stoke the political flames, showing everyone just how extremist and crazy many of the people who are pretending to be “moderate Democrats” really are.

The other really sad part of this whole thing is the willful ignorance about it all. Just like the Bernie story I posted yesterday about population control, people who tend to be fans of Mayor Pete will swear up on down until they’re blue in the face that he never said what’s in the video clip above. I watched him say it. You watched him say it. But don’t believe your lying eyes (or ears), because somehow, that’s not what he meant.

Many of the pro-Trump people and even the pro-Obama people before him are the exact same way.

We need to stop worshiping these politicians as if they are something greater than they are. They are not saviors.

News flash…they most likely will not solve whatever problem they have promised to solve. They are mostly narcissistic opportunists who’s real job is to get elected to powerful positions and exploit them for everything they can get to elevate their status, fame, legacy, and in many case line their pockets with your tax $.

What scares me the most is that the reality of 2020 is going to come down to which flavor of crazy do you want? The old, racist, protectionism, big spending, pro-union, fake patriotism, crazy…or the old (probably) environmental extremist, shut down and ban everything, protectionist, big spending, pro-union, fake patriotism, crazy?