Trump Fake News New York Times. Parody by Lenny ghoul.

The Best of Sharpie Gate

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Unless you live under a rock, you know that President Trump is on a wild tangent about his false claim that Alabama was under threat of a Hurricane.

At the time of this tweet, even a few days before it, Alabama was no longer considered in danger of being hit by Hurricane Dorian.

The National Weather Service scrambled to issue a correction on the President’s tweet 20 minutes later.

Trump has spent the last week trying to convince everyone who will listen that he was right and the NWS was wrong. He’s done so on Twitter, in press conferences, and even made up a propaganda video of a weather forecaster who was on CNN saying Alabama was in danger, but the clip he used was many days before his tweet. He’s even gone so far in trying to sell this obvious lie that he has demanded that the “news media” apologize to him for some odd reason.

The most impactful thing he did, was to show people a weather forecast tracking map in the oval office, which he used a Sharpie to draw in his own path hitting Alabama and tried to sell it as proof that he was right.

Twitter, never one to let a famous person’s tragic self-own go to waste, jumped on the opportunity and #SharpieGate and #TrumpSharpie was born.

Bring on the tweets!