Christine Teigen, fire. Image by lenny Ghoul.

Trump Slighted Christine Teigen on Twitter and She Slayed Him for It

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Late Sunday night, after watching an MSNBC special on Criminal Justice Reform, President Trump took to Twitter to complain about not getting enough credit for his role in the legislation.

During his 4 tweet rant he mentioned famed musician John Legend. He also mentioned his wife, famed model and TV personality, Christine Teigen, not directly by name, but insulted her just the same.

Needless to say she wasn’t pleased and subtweeted him a nasty response.

As expected Twitter went apeshit. At the time of the writing of this story her tweet received 128K likes.


Someone even faked a funny video meme for the occasion.

Right now it’s more than 5X as much as the President’s tweet.

While that hashtag isn’t trending, #FilthyMouthedWife and Chrissy Teigen are.



Every single day.

What a freak.

Trump has got to be the most thin skinned person in existence. He’s the most powerful man in the world and even that isn’t enough to satiate is monstrous ego. I’ve never even conceived of anyone so pathetically insecure that they literally need to be complimented 24/7×365. He just may be the biggest narcissist in history.

Whatever the case maybe, he isn’t sane and should be removed from office ASAP. Remember, he has the nuclear codes with the authority to use them.

Looks like Rick beat me to the punch.