President Trump Meltdown in the Oval Office with the President of Finland. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

President Trump’s Meltdown Continues… #TrumpMeltdown

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The President of the United States met with Sauli Niinistö, the President of Finland today. There was a small presser in the Oval Office, followed by a full press conference where both presidents made opening statements and took questions.

The day started with the President posting a series of unhinged tweets. Here is an example.

During the Oval office meeting with President Niinistö, Trump was on edge being very flipant and rude to reporters more than usual. Below is one of a series of tweets covering the event, which you can follow if you click the tweet.

Finally at the official press conference Trump totally lost control, started yelling and getting hostile with reporters, and spouting lie after lie about pretty much everything he could think of.

President Trump holds joint press conference with President of Finland – USA Today – 10/2/19

All of this spawned the Twitter Hashtag #TrumpMeltDown. Without further ado… the tweets!


Once again Rick Wilson kicks off the #TrumpMeltdown crazy with some thoughtful analysis.

That certainly dialed things up to 11!

OMG I’m dying!

Yes please.


Everyday since the impeachment inquiry started he’s been increasingly unhinged. Not like normal unhinged, but titanically unhinged. And it’s just getting started. If he doesn’t stroke out by Friday I’ll be shocked.

Where the hell is Mike Pence? What is the point of the #25th Amendment if it won’t be used to remove the most batshit crazy president in the history of the Republic?

I’ve heard of ruling with an iron first, ruling by fear, ruling by coercion, but never have I witnessed ruling by total insanity. Until now.

I’m honestly scared that at any minute he could freak out and start launching nukes.