Ranty Trump. Chinese Flag. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

Erick Erickson Trumpsplains Insanity While Others Ericksplain the Grift

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This morning President “ranty” Trump publicly announced his wishes for China to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. This is on the heels of impeachment proceedings being started against the President for asking Ukraine to do the exact same thing while he was blocking giving them pre-approved Military aid.

Radio host and blogger, Erick Erickson, not to be outdone by other well known pro-Trump apologists pretending to be fence sitters, decided that we all misunderstood Trump’s real intentions. Because… grifters gotta grift.



I totally agree with that last tweet. I mean really what are they waiting for?

Listen up Republicans. You have a chance to ditch the biggest embarrassment in your 165 year history, and still remain in power with a somewhat less crazy alternative in Mike Pence. All you need to do is get on board with impeachment.

I know they are probably worried about alienating the base, but they need to look hard at the numbers and realize that it’s only 17% of the population; a pretty gullible group of people at that. You could get Fox to spin it the right way and they’d buy it hook, line, and sinker.

Just grow some balls and take a chance. Save yourselves, your party, and whatever tiny shred (if any) of dignity you have left!