Marco Rubio Shines Donald Trump's Shoes. Parody by Lenny Ghoul.

Senators Pull Away From Trump on the Caveat “If Reports Are Accurate…”

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I’m not sure what Senators Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham think is or is not accurate here, as the initial “report” came from the White House official press release late last night.

White House Press release Regarding operations in Syria. 10/07/19

As we reported earlier today Trump followed the official press release with a few insane tweets of his own.


It bothers me!


More reprehensible yet typical responses by the GOP to a reprehensible action by the President of the United States.

If it’s not enough that Trump is facing Impeachment for bartering military aid to Ukraine for campaign interference, and similarly pressuring China in public, surely one would think that abandoning our allies left to be massacred in the desert and letting Turkey release all of our ISIS prisoners, would be enough to get the GOP to wake up and reign him in. One would think…

Thousands of people are going to die who fought with honor and bravery with our troops for over a decade against ISIS, because the president would rather kiss the ass of tyrants then respect those who help us fight for freedom around the world. And it’s only Monday.

There’s always an old tweet for everything.