President Donald Trump. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Trumps Sends Troops to Saudi Arabia. Says It’s Ok Because They’re Paying for It

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The United States is sending 2,800 troops to Saudi Arabia to defend against Iran attacking its oil facilities. The News Blender covered the story in detail.

In an impromptu press statement on the south lawn today, President Trump explained that he thinks this action is OK because the Saudi Arabia is flipping the bill.

Earlier this week Trump was telling everyone how he was ending the wars in the Middle East and bringing everyone home…



Every single day it gets worse. Every. Single. Day.

I have to quit asking what it will take for the Republican Senate to grow some balls and get on board with getting rid of this shitty excuse for a president before he fucks us into shit we can’t get out of, and yet here were are getting into more shit.

At some point we might actually have a real coup on our hands, when our military leaders get fed up with this mans incompetence. The sooner the better. It’s clear that congress isn’t going to fix this. He needs to be removed ASAP. Whatever it takes at this point.