Matt Gaetz. Napoleon. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

Rep. Gaetz Cries About Being Kicked From Inquiry That He Wasn’t Invited to Attend

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Congress interviewed President Trump’s former advisor on Russia Fiona Hill, as part of the impeachment injury on Monday.

Congressman Matt Gaetz, who was not a member of the three committees assigned to interview Hill, was also not invited to attend the event. Nonetheless, Matt has decided to make a huge ordeal about being “kicked out” and turning a simple non qualification technicality into a giant conspiracy theory to anyone who will listen. And of course, Fox News was all ears.



Matt Gaetz is proof that Donald Trump is in fact not the dumbest member of the Republican party; or the Federal Government for that matter. But he is a very close second.

To quote the famous Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, “En politique, la stupidité n’est pas un handicap”.

I’ll let you figure that one out.