Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo by the Kremlin.

Netanyahu Fails to Form New Israeli Government

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On Monday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he has been unable to establish a new Israeli government for the second time this year.

According to National Review Netanyahu attempted to form a coalition in April, when Avigdor Lieberman leader of the Yisrael Beyteinu party refused to join the Prime Minsters Party the Likud.

As the News Blender reported the failure in April to form a government led to Israel holding a new election in September. The vote was expected to be close between Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz of the Blue and White party.

With Netanyahu’s failure to form a government for a second time this year Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is expected by Thursday evening as Haaretz reported to task Gantz with the challenge of forming his own government.

Netanyahu said in his announcement that he had attempted to “bring Gantz to the negotiation table,” in the hopes of preventing a third election, he added that Gantz “refused time after time.” Gantz responded via Twitter in Hebrew.

Netanyahu, election campaign ends on September 17th You have failed to form a government again, instead of wasting time on videos, returning the mandate to the president and letting us establish a liberal unity government to take care of the citizens of Israel. A government that will act wisely, statefully and responsibly.

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A possible solution to the stalemate would be a rotation between Gantz and a Likud candidate. Gantz wants to hold the position for the first two-years before any Likud candidate could take over for the next two years. Gantz also wants a condition that no lawmaker with charges against him can hold the PM spot during the rotation.

As the News Blender reported in February, Israel’s Attorney General, Avichai Mandelblit announced that he planned to indict Netanyahu on one count of bribery and three counts of breach of trust. Netanyahu has denied all charges.

The Times of Israel reports that if Gantz fails in twenty-eight days to establish a new Israeli government that “any MK [members of the Knesset] will have 21 days to obtain the support of a Knesset majority to form a government. If no one succeeds, elections will be initiated automatically.”