White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham. Image Capture by Snip Bytes.

White House Press Secretary Gets Trolled for Saying “I Have No Words”

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In a reaction to the Washington Posts Obituary headline failure, White House Press secretary Stephanie Grisham, made an ironic tweet.

The irony has nothing to do with the Baghdadi obituary, but stems from the fact that Grisham has never held an official White House press conference since she took over the position from Sarah Huckabee Sanders on July 1st.

Naturally Twitter had a field day with this.


Our “mute” Press Secretary has quite controversial record including a few DUI’s, misdeeds with previous employers, plagiarism, and working with shady politicians in Arizona.


The only time Stephanie Grisham seems to have words are when they are batshit crazy words. Like when she went on Fox News the other day and defended Donald Trump saying that everyone who doesn’t support him is “human scum”. Or when she called him a genius.

The job of the White House Press Secretary is to communicate to the people the information coming out of the White House and traditionally to address questions the press has for the President in semi regular briefings.

The James S. Brady Press Briefing Room was created in 1969 and until the Trump administration regular press briefings have been held by every administration since.

Trumps ego doesn’t allow for anyone but him to have direct communications with the media. Because of this he’s started the tradition of answering questions every time he jumps on Marine One, the official presidential helicopter that usually departs from the south lawn of the White House. Of course he waits until the chopper is fired up and waiting to take off so the noise makes it hard to hear the questions and answers. That just creates more drama and is rather annoying to listen to; which I suspect that’s probably the point.

I have to wonder since Trump is doing south lawn briefings solo, and Grisham isn’t doing anything but Fox News appearances and faux outrage tweets, what exactly is her job? Are we just paying her to spout propaganda from the president? Because she is clearly not doing anything else.