President Donald Trump and Kurt Suzuki Creepy Uncle. Parody by Lenny Ghoul.

Trump Gave Baseball Player Kurt Suzuki A Creepy “Hug”

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President Trump hosted the World Series baseball champions, the Washington Nationals, at the White House today. Like most things at the White House lately, it was anything but normal.

The Team was presented on the South Portico of the White House while the Marine Corp Band played a live rendition of the popular song “Baby Shark“.

Never to be outdone in weirdness, Trump called up Washington Nationals’ Catcher Kurt Suzuki, who then dawned a red “MAGA” hat. Trump gave him kind of an awkward hug and said “I love him…”

Twitter had a good time with this one.


Who could forget Trump getting “booed” at the game 5 of the World Series?


Never a day passes when I wonder what fucking planet I’m on or where this world is going. At least I can’t say the trip hasn’t been entertaining…