Senator Elizabeth Warren. Photo by Edward Kimmel.

Sen. Warren Calls to End “Traffic Violence” Like It’s Gun Control

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Apparently, presidential candidate and Senator of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren has a pressing issue that isn’t getting enough attention. #EndTrafficViolence

This sounds oddly like the same language she’s been using to rally against “gun violence”, another strange political term use to conflate stats to push an agenda.

The folks over at Twitter had some fun with this.




I know that she’s sincere in sending her condolences. It’s Annual Traffic Remembrance Day or something. It just seems as if the way she goes about everything is so political. I don’t think she’s capable of not turning something into a “cause” to rally behind.

It’s always that same old message that we can fix everything through easy government solutions by voting for politicians who’ve already held office for decades but haven’t solved anything.

Issues like mass shootings and unsafe traffic conditions are very complicated and they potentially affect hundreds of millions of people. This is why they will never be fixed by a #Hashtag, a few tweets or a political rally.

Most large scale change requires the populous to alter their own behavior and how they interact with other people; people teaching their children right from wrong and to respect others. Of course, they too need to understand what respect is before they can teach it. It certainly isn’t going to come from our government or some silly political tweets. In our current ultra self important “me first” society, I don’t see anything happening anytime soon.